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The trusted Lightspeed Kounta POS partner in Western Australia

Be it customer transactions through to whole-business integration, 
we can clarify your business needs and simplify the solution.


POSD will help transform your business


The digital marketplace is complex. POSD does the hard research so you can capitalise on the very best in available point of sale technologies. We take much of the stress away in finding and adapting such technologies so you can get on with business. 

Although we know technology and the vendors, we also know something far more important: business is about relationships built on trust. When you engage our team, you will find individuals who are not looking to close a sale, but to open a business relationship. 

Business in the Cloud has a silver lining 

Cloud-based technologies allow you to systemise and streamline your business operations to reach full potential. Our POS cloud integration services can deliver the right integrated solution to manage every aspect of your business with many, unexpected benefits. 

Kounta Clock

Increase Efficiency

Reduce data entry with integration across applications

The Vic Hotel Kounta iPad

The Vic Hotel

Bevan Marwick

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"We knew we wanted a cloud based POS, and when we sat down with POSD we knew Kounta was the solution for us."

Bistro 21 Restaurant Kounta iPad

Bistro 21

Omar Abou El Azm

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"POSD have helped us when we've most needed it. One of our printers failed on the day before a long weekend. They came out and fixed the issue - and also loaned us a spare to put our mind at rest."

Boucla Subiaco Kounta iPad


Nikki Grey

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"From setup to support, POSD have been brilliant. We're so happy with how easy Kounta is to use."

Don't just take our word for it

This is how it works

Our process is simple. We clarify your business needs,

simplify and integrate the solution, and progress your business.

Clarify your needs

To clarify the needs we discuss the various dynamics of your business.


We discuss your operations, your products, your staff, your brand, your competitors, your general challenges, and your plans for growth. We discuss everything that matters.

Simplify the solution

To simplify the solution we review vendor options and chose the right applications to meet your specific business needs.


Then we develop a plan to integrate these applications into a customised solution to manage every aspect of your business.

Integrate the solution

To integrate the applications into a working business solution we coordinate an implementation that works for your operations.


We execute a well-planned integration that ensures a successful, company wide adaptation of the customised solution.

Progress the business

To progress the business we provide you with ongoing training, support and consultation.


Periodically we reappraise your POS operations and business activity. If any new business priorities arise we refine your solution to meet the challenges.


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Let's talk!

Office 22, 22 Railway Road, Subiaco WA 6008

Phone: (08) 6313 2969  /

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